Why "Bouncer"?

In Club Culture, the bouncer represents the image of determination, a fundamental element that characterizes every produced track. I imagined this album as a virtual club in the metaverse, where my avatar is a BOUNCER. Here, the music plays loud, the bar is open, and each track on the tracklist carries a part of my soul and my influences. For me, this project represents a meeting point between the roots of my eclecticism and the strength of the artists involved, creating a mix of sounds and styles that reflects my artistic and personal journey. With this album, I want to celebrate Club Culture and all its influences on my life and music, offering an authentic and deep sonic experience for all fans of the genre.

How was Bouncer born?

On March 11, 2020, Italy went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, this was a surreal and difficult time, and time itself seemed to drag on endlessly. But for me, this period of isolation offered an unexpected opportunity for creativity and collaboration, and this is the story of how BOUNCER "an album of solitude and collaboration" was born. As soon as the lockdown was announced, I retrieved some of the equipment from my Lrs Factory, the recording studio where I have been working for 23 years, and immediately began producing music to escape from boredom and depression. The days went by, and I felt increasingly alone and lost without the daily interaction with my clients and collaborators. However, I realized that I had a unique opportunity to create music in a different way, without the pressure of deadlines and the distraction of everyday life. I was increasingly attracted to the idea of a project that would bring new ideas and perspectives to my music, but that would also be inclusive, designed to be contaminated by other artists. So I started sharing my ideas online with Roberto Nocca, my trusted arranger, and BOUNCER began to take shape.

Today, this album, intentionally printed on vinyl, testifies to the power of collaboration, even in times of great adversity. Each track on the album features musicians and artists, selected for their sound, who bring their own energy into this project. Despite the challenges of distance and isolation, I was able to connect with others and create something special for myself.


The backbone of the song is a fat kick from the 808, which provides a solid foundation for the other elements. Esteria's vocals and Lorenzo's guitar work add layers of texture and depth that make the song truly unique. Together, these components create an explosive sound that captures the energy and passion of the music."


Testifies to my emotional state during the lockdown. It was the first song I wrote at home as a reflection of my mental state, where I was forced to stay closed and still while my mind was in constant motion. Lorenzo's guitars and Jacopo's drum rolls represent the chaotic impulses of my brain, contrasting with the state of forced immobility.


One of my favorite movies! It's not a cover but rather my personal tribute to the soundtrack of Walter Hill's film masterfully composed by Barry De Vorzon.Here, the Moog sequence acts as a track for the narrative sound of the guitars.


A man impatiently watches his watch, a woman rushes out of a doorway, it's raining outside, they hurriedly get into the same taxi, they look at each other, say nothing, the taxi drives away...the oscillation of the Arbre Magique marks the time of their moans...Without Pierpaolo's bass, this song would have never been completed.


Rough sounds, distorted voices... the show has started. I was inspired to write this electro rock song about the phenomenon of stalking. Esteria's obsessive vocal lines testify to the repetition and anguish of this behavior.


This song was created in collaboration with the artist Enrico "Envoy Del Bono". I had written a piece where the instruments responded to each other to involve the listener in a continuous crescendo, but I needed a warm and decisive voice to mark the beat.


Here, the voices of Valentina, Francesca, Vanda, and Esteria alternate with Lorenzo's guitars and Giancarlo's drums... soft porn atmospheres that clash with rock mark the flow of this track.


This is a tribute to the person who saw me grow as an artist and experienced with me all the moments of difficulty, always supporting me with the same strength and determination... here the synths and guitars are a solid wall, solid like the bond I have with her.


I've always loved making mashups of songs by other artists. I come from the school of Fat Boy Slim, where magic is created with samples... Here, the arrangement changes like a crazy mashup and it's full of my artistic impulsiveness."


Bouncer, thanks to the collaboration with my bartender friends, is also a sensory experience. Each track of the album inspired five cocktail recipes. The recipes range from bold and adventurous to light and refreshing, reflecting the variety of emotions and storylines of the album. By pairing the music with a personalized cocktail, listeners can fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the album and enjoy a truly unique experience! The recipe manifesto is available, in limited edition, in the vinyl packaging.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Andrea Pomo, Anne-Sophie Vacher, Antonino La Selva, Antonio Parlapiano, Antonio Tittoni, Beppe Mancini, Biagio Maurice, Carlo Felice Dall'Asta, Cristian Bugiada, Cristian Ricci, Daniele Gentili, Denise Ruscio, Diego Melorio, Eleonora De Santis, Emanuele Cugini, Emanuele Principi Bruni, Fabrizio Valeriani, Federico Diddi, Federico Leone, Federico Tomasselli, Filippo Gaeta, Francesco Pirineo, Francesco Protto, Gianpaolo Di Pierro, Giovanni Seddaiu, Igor Pazienza, Joy Napolitano, Livio Morena, Ludovico Lembo, Marco Zampilli, Marianna Natale, Mario Farulla, Margot Gatsby, Matteo Zed, Mattia Ria, Paolo Sanna, Pano, Patrick Pistolesi, Riccardo Marinelli, Riccardo Rossi, Roberta Martino, Roberto Artusio, Simone Mina, Stefano Ripiccini, Vincenzo Palermo.