Luigi “D Lewis” Di Filippo was born on April 17th, 1973 and began playing electronic music in various clubs as soon as he came of age. At the same time, he started approaching discographic productions and quickly gained recognition for his unique sound. In the early 90s, he met DJ Emix and the two began a long collaboration that led to the production of over fifty vinyl records. In 1999, D Lewis participated in a sound engineering course in Milan, and the following year he founded his own recording studio, LRS Factory, based in Rome. He quickly established himself as a highly respected figure in the electronic music scene, and his sound has been highly valued by experts. D Lewis is best known as the TAM TAM of Diabolika House Party and has worked with some of the best DJs in the industry, including Deadmau5, Boys Noize, Joris Voorn, Trentemoller, Crookers, Bloody Beetrots, Benny Benassi, 2 Many Djs, Eric Morillo, Roger Sancez, Tiesto, and Fedde Le Grand, among others. He is a very special and quite "different" DJ on the scene, and his passion for music, musical culture, and technical preparation and knowledge allows him to create some very unique sets. Overall, D Lewis is a highly talented and accomplished electronic music producer and DJ, with a unique sound and a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new musical frontiers.