"Till" is the first track taken from the album Bouncer, which features artists with diverse musical backgrounds.

"Musta is known for his deep house and nu disco touch, clearly marked in his interpretation"

"Eugene, an Italian artist who has always championed the electropop scene, takes us deep into his club-spirited soul."

"Badwolf, the new chart-climbing nudisco sensation on Beatport, consistently carries forward his sound on the vocal notes of 'Till'!"

"Ida Mandato, the lady of techno, ventures into an electro-techno dimension for strong hearts."

"Time Traveler is a techno crusader; with his PLS UK, he has made his mark throughout Europe and beyond... and here is no exception!"

"D Lewis reinterprets himself in a club version, straightforward, direct, and clear!"


"Taxi" was the most listened to track of the album, selected in many playlists, and garnered acclaim among industry professionals... here, the challenging task of remixing it was entrusted to the veteran Boss Doms, Kay, Francesco Colagrande, and the young Drago (IT).

"Boss Doms, famous for producing many hits with Achille Lauro, renowned for his talent in manipulating electronic sounds, worked on this piece, showcasing his mastery in creating groove and his profound knowledge of musical harmony. The result is a timeless track, a true musical bomb."

"Federico Kay is a rare professional, a friend with whom I share a common vision of how our work should function...meticulous, attentive, and with a great musical culture...like me, he loves to ignite the dance floor, and his remix attests to this attitude."

"Francesco Colagrande, “the man of Hermit Records,” is a DJ from Polignano a Mare, for me an enchanting and magical place... Here he has nurtured his passion for dub, and in his reinterpretation of Taxi, he has managed to incorporate it into house music!""DRAGO (IT), a very young producer whom I had the chance to meet in my studio, has grown a lot over the course of a year, and when I asked him for the remix, I knew he wouldn't disappoint my expectations... Well, listen to the missile he came up with!"


Simone Scardino, alias Conceptual... His story in the techno scene is long; he's written a lot, produced a lot, and collaborated with many artists. His DJ sets are strong and impactful, and his music contributes to the "nofake" techno scene without compromises. He has brought Fermo into his more modern and visionary techno world!

Personal Use, aka Alberto Roveroni. Alberto is a man of music; he's covered all roles from drummer to sound technician to producer! His duo project is a beautiful story to follow!... His interpretation of Fermo is an unexpected bomb track!
His productions on Gain Records are played by many DJs worldwide and consistently climb the sales charts, often supported by Carl Cox and the Drum Code Crew! His Bad-Ass mover is a big room bomb track!

D LEWIS 909 REMIX...All it took was turning on the Roland 909 and the SH101,  sequencing everything with the Keystep Pro, and then "hello"!... full analog machines!

D LEWIS 303 REMIX...Here, the acidic sound of the Roland 303, "gently" treated with my Strymon Riverside, meets the sharper sounds of the SH101... A dive into 1995!
D LEWIS “FANTAGUITAR” REMIX..."Hey Lore', I'd need your sound again for a remix... ok, see you next week"... so Lorenzo Stecconi, after playing the guitars of the original version, remixes with me using his fantastic guitar on the most complex track of the album!


MATASISM REMIX: Massive techno remix from a real techno master!

D LEWIS REMIX : "I keep playing with my 909 and my SH101."